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Ultimate Kempo

Book w/ Instructional Video

Ultimate Kempo (also known as kenpo) is more than a book about technique and style; it’s a study of movement, motion and balance that can enhance anyone’s study of the martial arts. Its primary focus is not to inflict harm, but to avoid conflict through an understanding of Kosho Ryu’s unique mental discipline and philosophy. If physical confrontation is unavoidable, then practitioners of kempo will learn to manipulate the balance and the structure of an opponent for optimal results. With hundreds of color photographs and the provided DVD, Ultimate Kempo gives systematic guidance for maximum effectiveness in the striking, throwing and locking arts.

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Kosho Ryu Kempo Distance Learning Program


The Kosho Ryu Distance Learning Program was created for practitioners who wish to study the art and do not have regular access to a Kosho Ryu teacher. The program builds on basic fundamentals and directs the student through the various sub arts of escaping/re-positioning, throwing/locking, and striking. The student will be introduced to the concepts/principles which govern and make the techniques work. There is no rank included with this program. A practitioner must seek out a certified Sei Kosho Shorei Kai instructor and demonstrate requirements for rank testing. Whether you are an existing Kosho Ryu student or a new student, this program will be beneficial for your training. If you wish to incorporate concepts/principles into the study of your own art, this program will serve as a great guide.

The distance learning program consists of:

Cd – Distance Learning Program Manual- 420 pages
Dvd1- Introduction, The Octagon, Dachi/Stances,
Dvd2- 90 Degree Principle, Reception-Redirection-Interception, Uke Waza/Blocking
Dvd3- Atemi/Striking, Geri/Kicking, Nagae/Throwing
Dvd4- Nagae Cont., Kansetsu/Locking, Cutting the Circle, Continue the Circle, Yo-Yu
Dvd5- Striking
Dvd6- Training Drills & Concepts for Kosho 1-Escaping
Dvd7- Training Drills & Concepts for Kosho 2-Throwing
Dvd8- Training Drills & Concepts for Kosho 3-Striking
Dvd9- Kosho Ryu Options Dvd 1
Dvd10- Kosho Ryu Options Dvd 2
Dvd11- Kosho Ryu Options Dvd 3
Dvd12- Weaponry Dvd 1- Fundamentals of Iaijutsu (Sword) Batto Ho Iai
Dvd13- Weaponry Dvd 2- Keishi Ryu Iai, Okuden Tachi Waza, Maai No Jo Kata
Dvd14- Kata
Dvd15- Shiatsu/Healing Arts
Dvd16- Nagae/Throwing Arts S.D. Examples
Dvd17- Kansetsu/Locking S.D. Examples
Dvd18- Atemi/Striking #1 S.D. Examples
Dvd19- Atemi/Striking #2 S.D. Examples

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