Kempo For Adults

For The Adults

No matter what age, the martial arts can enhance your life in the physical, mental, and philosophical sense. Adult classes are a unique blend of physical workout and mental challenge. Students develop relaxation, co-ordination, confidence, and naturally efficient, effective self defense skills. At the Driscoll Institute of the Martial Arts, we focus on the students capabilities, not their disabilities. 

Physical workouts are balanced out by subtle, refined techniques. Adult students can learn to defend themselves while getting into better physical shape. The senses are honed in a way not possible by other activities; martial arts are practiced in a different context.  Students will learn practical self defense that will allow them escape or engage an opponent depending on the situation. They will learn how to create weakness in an opponent’s balance and structure, enabling them to defeat a larger opponent.

Practitioners of the art of Kosho Ryu Kempo will learn the use of various Japanese weaponry such as the Japanese sword, wooden staff, nunchaku, as well as how to use environmental weapons.

Within the training hall or dojo, the student will learn about and train in dealing with the physical conflict of an attacking opponent. There are distinct parallels between the conflict that a practitioner experiences in the dojo, and the battles they will encounter in everyday life. The martial philosophies that the student learns within the training hall will directly relate to dealing with the various types of conflict and pressures we all face in our professional and personal lives.

The study of the martial arts is about defending oneself…whether it be an aggressive, attacking opponent…or dealing with the conflict of other people, challenging situations, or the environment circumstances we all face each day.

Get started on your journey to build your self confidence, self esteem, enhancing focus, while having a calmer, more peaceful state of mind. Call us today at 570-573-2955.




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